2017 Symposium Session Presentations

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Financial Action Steps and Milestones for Different Ages and Stages of Life:

Speaker: Barbara O’Neill


Project Finance- Reforming Financial Education for Future Generations:

Speaker(s): Neha Narayan and Stanley Jian


Breakout Session 1 – “Fake News” – Session on Social Media and Consumer Issues

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Speaker: Megan Dempsey


Breakout Session 1 – ID Theft/Equifax:

Speaker: Jim Wilcox

Breakout Session 1 – Opioid Epidemic:

Speaker: Special Agent Timothy P. McMahon
(This presentation cannot be posted online)


Breakout Session 2 – Life’s Big Purchases:

Speaker(s): Marilyn Allena and Grant Gallagher


Breakout Session 2 – Wants/Needs/Habits/Beliefs/Money Attitudes of Young Folks Today:

Speaker(s): Marissa Anema, Heather Krushinski and Allison Macey


Retire on Track:

Speaker: Grant Gallagher

2015 Financial Literacy Symposium

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Symposium presentation and handouts:

Health & Wealth

Retirement Across Different Generations

Student Loans

Cross Generational Perspective of Financial Literacy – Social Security | w!se

Spending Addiction

Insurance, A Tax Free Investment